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The Borough of Ridgefield is a small suburban community located in the northeastern part of New Jersey, in Bergen County, covering an area of 2.6 square miles and having a population of approximately 11,000 residents (2000 census).

Ridgefield is unofficially divided into three sections because of the geographical contour of the land. The first section is known as Ridgefield, and lies partly in the valley on both the east and west sides and partly on the first hill. The second section is known as Morsemere, and is located in the northern part of the Borough. The third section is Ridgefield Heights, on the second hill at the extreme eastern part of the Borough, running north and south.

Morsemere was named by a real estate development company in honor of Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the telegraph key and the Morse Code. During the middle 1800s, Mr. Morse owned vast tracts of land in the Ridgefield section of the Borough.

The Ridgefield Borough Hall
Address: 700 Shaler Boulevard, Ridgefield, NJ
Telephone (201) 943-5215

Land area, 2000 2.61 sq. miles
Water area, 2000 0.26 sq. miles
Elevation 70 feet
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